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Introduction and Background

This web page briefly describes other ongoing activities at IMO that may be of interest to SNAME members.

IMO is organized into various committees and sub-committees that specialize in different aspects of ship design, marine equipment, operations, mariner training, etc. For naval architecture issues, the most relevant committees and sub-committees are:   
   * Maritime Safety Committee (MSC)
* Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC)
* Sub-Committees on:
        – Stability, Load Lines, and on Fishing Vessels Safety (SLF)
        – Ship Design and Equipment (DE)
        – Bulk Liquids and Gases (BLG)
        – Fire Protection (FP)


Other IMO Activities Page Index:

MSC and MEPC Circulars Special IMO News Current IMO activities:
   GBS - robust ships
   Safety of General Cargo Ships
Archives Selected Committee Reports and Documents

MSC and MEPC Circulars

The Maritime Safety (MSC) and the Marine Environment Protection (MEPC) Committees issue circulars to assist Administrations and others in interpreting the Conventions, Codes and guidelines.

For the convenience of members and others, Panel O-44 maintains a selective listing of those MSC and MEPC circulars that are particularly relevant to O-44 activities at

You may also access all of the posted MSC and MEPC circulars on the IMO home page ( (On the IMO home page, click on the "Circulars" link in the left-side column, and then click on the "Maritime Safety Committee" or "Marine Environmental Protection Committee" links in the right-side column).

A list is available which explains ALL the IMO circular acronyms and effective dates.

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Selected IMO News

IMO News magazine is available on-line

IMO News is published four times a year and is free of charge. The on-line issues are available and may be downloaded at:

NACE International admitted as NGO (July 2009)

NACE International, a technical organization with over 22,000 members world-wide deals with coatings and corrosion prevent issues associated with marine (offshore and ships), as well as with bridges, pipelines, other storage facilities, etc. However, a third of the membership is affiliated with marine. NACE develops standards and is already actively engaged with those issues in the S/C on Ship Design and Equipment.

Outcomes of BLG 12 (February 2008) and MEPC 57, 58 (March, October 2008)

BLG 12 met on February 4-8, 2008, and competed draft amendments to Annex VI to the MARPOL Convention and to the NOx Technical Code to reduce harmful emissions from ships. Further details can be found in the press releases regarding BLG 12 action on MARPOL VI. These were submitted for consideration by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 57).

MEPC 57: The Committee approved the amendments to MARPOL Annex VI and the NOx Technical Code to reduce harmful emissions from ships. These will now be circulated among member nations, with a view to adoption at MEPC 58; the revisions will enter into force in 2010. The Committee also reviewed the current draft of a proposed ship recycling convention, and continued its work relating to the Ballast Water Management Convention. Further details can be found in the press releases regarding MEPC 57 action on MARPOL VI and other MEPC 57 decisions and action.

MEPC 58: The Committee reviewed studies on GHG (greenhouse gases) and how to control CO2 emissions. An intersessional meeting in early 2009 was agreed, with anticipated action plan being developed at MEPC 59 in July. Guidelines for ballast water sampling moved this work along.

IMO Convention on Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems (AFS) (ratified September 2007)

On September 17, 2007, Panama became the 25th country to ratify the AFS Convention, bringing the total global tonnage of ratifying countries to 38.11 percent, thereby putting it over the ratification requirements. It will enter into force on September 17, 2008. More details can be found in the IMO press release.

IMO Convention on Ballast Water Management (BWM) (as of September 2007)

On February 13, 2004, IMO adopted a new Convention concerning management of ballast water: the "International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments." The new Convention will enter into force 12 months after it has been ratified by at least 30 countries representing at least 35 percent of the world merchant shipping tonnage. As of September 30, 2007, the BWM Convention has been ratified by 10 countries, representing 3.42% of the world shipping tonnage.

For more information, see the IMO BWM Convention web page.

Oil Fuel Tank Protection (entered into force August 2007)

The regulations on oil fuel tank protection include requirements for a maximum capacity of 2,500 cubic meters per individual tank, their protected locations, and an outflow performance standard, as an alternative. MEPC 54/5 contains the draft MARPOL fuel tank regulation, which was adopted at MEPC 54 (March 2006) as MARPOL Annex I, Reg 12A, and entered into force for ships contracted after August 1, 2007.

International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) admitted as NGO (November 2005)

The International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) was granted Non-Government Organization (NGO) status by IMO in November 2005. In 2002, ITTC's assistance was requested by DE and SLF for the revision of the High-Speed Craft Code; in particular the Interim Guidelines for the conduct of high-speed craft model tests. The model test guidelines have been reviewed by ITTC's Stability in Waves Specialist Committee and a proposal with revised guidelines was submitted to DE 49 (as document DE 49/5/2) by ITTC and the Netherlands.

The proposed model test guidelines and their inclusion in the amended 2000 HSC Code were accepted by the Sub-Committee at DE 49. This is typical of the technical support that ITTC can provide to IMO. We anticipate SLF requesting ITTC's assistance on numerous issues.

SNAME has been supporting ITTC with their web home since 2002. We invite you to visit their website at:

Air Pollution Regulations (entered into force May 2005)

The air pollution regulations, Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78, were ratified by the requisite 15th State on May 18, 2004. Therefore the regulations entered into force on May 19, 2005.

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Current IMO activities

Current IMO activities are discussed; these will be periodically updated to reflect decisions and actions of the committees and sub-committees.

Goal-Based Structural Standards - GBS (formerly - Robust Ships and Quality Building Standards)

There is a view among some member countries and observer organizations that IMO should play a more active role in setting basic "new construction" standards to ensure that future ships are more robust than ships built to current class standards. They also believe that newbuilding survey and supervision during construction have declined.

The following strategies have been suggested in several documents submitted for consideration at MSC 77 (May/June 2003):
  • establish a design philosophy aimed at achieving adequate structural strength;
  • establish a "fatigue life" standard;
  • establish permissible shear forces and bending moments for vulnerable ship types (such as tankers and bulk carriers);
  • establish a minimum longitudinal strength requirement for vulnerable ship types; and
  • establish a "newbuilding survey procedure" to ensure proper attention during construction.

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General Cargo Ships Safety

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) has undertaken an analysis of the safety records for various types and sizes of vessels. The general conclusion from the analysis is that certain sizes of general cargo ships appear particularly vulnerable to loss. Ships in the range 6000 to 9000 dwt have a significantly higher loss rate than average, whereas the differences are much less marked for larger or smaller ships. Small coasters appear to have a higher occupational fatality rate than larger general cargo ships. Older ships (20 years or more) also have higher loss rates. RINA suggested that documents should be prepared for submission as the NGO.

Following some discussions between the two societies, RINA revised the proposed document. SNAME agreed to the final document, and as an informational document it was submitted to IMO for the 77th session of MSC.

No Administration subsequently stepped forward to co-sponsor a paper with RINA for MSC 78. However, after several years without any activity, in 2006 the Russian Federation submitted MSC 82/21/19 which proposed adding this issue to the work programme, as Agenda item 20. Several papers were submitted to MSC 85, and the action was to again ask for papers to be submitted to MSC 86.

Contact - Jaideep Sirkar at, Chair of T&R Steering Committee

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IMO Activities - Archives

Below are listed completed IMO activities that may be of interest to the naval architecture community. For more details, go the IMO archives page at

Standards for Ship Maneuverability
In 1993, IMO adopted the original Interim Standards for Ship Maneuverability, which were intended to be temporary standards while sea trial data were submitted for analysis. In 2002, the Maritime Safety Committee finalized the Standards

Status: Final standards adopted at MSC 76 (December 2002), applicable to vessels constructed on/after January 1, 2004

Bulk Carriers
In 1995, IMO began its high-priority work on improving the safety level of bulk carriers culminating in the DE Sub-Committee submitting draft SOLAS amendments to MSC 79 for consideration

Status: The amendments to SOLAS XII were adopted by MSC 79 and came into force on July 1, 2006

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Committee and Sub-Committee Reports and Selected Documents

Selected documents for the most recent meeting sessions of those IMO committees and sub-committees that work on naval architectural issues follow. The annotated agendas present the specific agenda items for that session, the working papers report on the deliberations of the working groups during the session, and the reports summarize the decisions and future action of the committee. To keep the following listing of documents managable older documents have been tranfered to another web page titled IMO Activities Archive.

Documents for the Sub-Committee on Stability, Load Lines, and on Fishing Vessels Safety (SLF) can be found via the O-44 Activities web page, or the Naval Architecture Division (CG-5212). For information on the Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment (DE) contact the U.S. Coast Guard's Systems Engineering Division (CG-5213). For information on the Sub-Committee on Fire Protection (FP), contact the U.S. Coast Guard's Lifesaving and Fire Safety Standards Division (CG-5214). Please note the last link has many useful links in a table at the end of the web page.

Documents for the MEPC Committee and other environmental standards and projects can be found on the Environmental Standards Division (CG-5224).

We were pleased that the Coast Guard was posting the reports of the Committees and Sub-Committees at Unfortunately this has not proven dependable so we will continue to post reports.

Maritime Safety Committee (MSC)

Paper Title
MSC 94/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 94 (November 2014)    agenda    provisional timetable
MSC 94/21 Report of MSC 94     Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MSC 93/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 93 (May 2014)    agenda    provisional timetable
MSC 93/22 Report of MSC 93     Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2     Add.3
MSC 92/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 92 (June 2013)    agenda    provisional timetable
MSC 92/26 Report of MSC 92     Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MSC 91/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 91 (November 2012)    agenda    provisional timetable
MSC 91/22 Report of MSC 91     Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MSC 90/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 90 (May 2012)    agenda    provisional timetable
MSC 90/28 Report of MSC 90     Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MSC 89/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 89 (May 2011)    agenda    provisional timetable
MSC 89/25 Report of MSC 89     Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MSC 88/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 88 (November - December, 2010)    agenda    provisional timetable
MSC 88/3 Ammendements - SOLAS (Secretariat)
MSC 88/3/1 Ammendements - 1988 SOLAS Protocol - certificates (Secretariat)
MSC 88/5 GBS - future directions (Secretariat)
MSC 88/5/1 Safety-level based (Germany)
MSC 88/5/2 Considerations of long-term (Korea)
MSC 88/7 Report of DE 53 (by Secretariat)      WP.9
MSC 88/7/1 Revisions to PSPC (NACE International)
MSC 88/Inf.3 NACE revised standard (NACE International)
MSC 88/17 FSA - outcome of MSC 87 (Secretariat)
MSC 88/19 General cargo ship safety (Secretariat)
MSC 88/19/2 FSA study (IACS)
MSC 88/Inf.6 FSA, steps 3 and 4 (IACS)
MSC 88/Inf.8 FSA summary of results (IACS)
MSC 88/21 Relations with other organizations (Secretariat)
MSC 88/23/1 Work programme - SLF (Secretariat)
MSC 88/23/2 IS Code (Norway)
MSC 88/23/6 Perfomance standard - inclinometers (Germany)
MSC 88/23/9 Met information and warnings (WMO)
MSC 88/26 Report of MSC 88     Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MSC 87/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 87 (May 12-21, 2010)    agenda    provisional timetable
MSC 87/2/2 Outcome of MEPC 59 (Secretariat)
MSC 87/2/4 Outcome of Assembly 26 (Secretariat)
MSC 87/2/5 Outcome of MEPC 60 (Secretariat)
MSC 87/3/2 Amendments to SOLAS - GBS (Secretariat)
MSC 87/3/4 Amendments to 1988 SOLAS Protocol, 1974 SOLAS Convention (Secretariat)
MSC 87/3/5 Amendments pertaining to Ship Construction File (CESA, et al)
MSC 87/3/8 Into force dates reg II-1/3-11, on corrosion protection COT (IPPIC)
MSC 87/5 Generic guide for GBS (Secretariat)     WP.4
MSC 87/5/1 Guidelines for verification (Secretariat)
MSC 87/5/2 Resources for GBS verification audits (Secretariat)
MSC 87/5/3 GBS - comments (IACS)
MSC 87/5/4 Ship Construction File implementation (CESA, et al)
MSC 87/5/5 SCF - intellectual property (CESA, et al)
MSC 87/7 Report of DE 52 (by Secretariat)
MSC 87/7/1 Report of DE 53 - urgent matters (by Secretariat)
MSC 87/7/2 Comments on DE report (IPPIC)
MSC 87/7/6 Comments on DE report (NACE International)
MSC 87/7/7 Comments on DE report (China)
MSC 87/10 Report of DSC 14 (Secretariat)
MSC 87/17 Outcome of MEPC 59 (Secretariat)
MSC 87/18 FSA experts group: IS meeting, correspondence report (chair)     WP.7
MSC 87/18/1 FSA - open-top containerships - SAFEDOR (Denmark)
MSC 87/18/2 FSA - LNG carriers - SAFEDOR (Denmark)
MSC 87/18/3 Comments by SAFEDOR - FSA cruise ships (Denmark)
MSC 87/18/4 Comments by SAFEDOR - FSA containerships (Denmark)
MSC 87/18/5 Comments by SAFEDOR - FSA RoPax (Denmark)
MSC 87/Inf.2 FSA - SAFEDOR (Denmark)
MSC 87/20 General cargo ship safety (Secretariat)
MSC 87/20/1 General cargo ship safety FSA - Step 2 (IACS)
MSC 87/Inf.3 FSA - Step 1 (IACS)
MSC 87/Inf.4 FSA - Step 2 (IACS)
MSC 87/21/2 Codes, recommendations, guidelines (Secretariat)     MSC 87/Inf.7
MSC 87/23 Guidelines for work of organization (Secretariat)
MSC 87/24/1 Outcome of the twenty-sixth session of the Assembly (Secretariat)
MSC 87/24/3 Proposed amendments enclosed space entry (Bahamas, et al)
MSC 87/24/9 Composites in shipbuilding (UK)
MSC 87/25/5 Wing-in-ground craft - WIG (Korea)
MSC 87/26 Report of MSC 87
MSC 86/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 86 (May-June 2009)    Agenda
MSC 86/5 GBS for bulk carriers and oil tankers (Secretariat)
MSC 86/5/1 Report of the working group, part 2 from MSC 85 (Chair of the WG)
MSC 86/5/2 Correspondence Group report (by Chair)    MSC 86/5/2/Corr.1
MSC 86/5/3 Guidelines for risk-based ship design (Denmark)
MSC 86/5/4 Alternative to GBS verification process (Canada, Norway, Sweden)
MSC 86/5/5 Alternative to GBS verification process (IACS)
MSC 86/5/6 Comments on net scantlings (Spain)
MSC 86/5/7 Information on the SCF (Australia)
MSC 86/5/8 Comments on verification process (Spain, INTERTANKO)  MSC 86/5/8/Corr.1
MSC 86/5/9 Negative impact on C/S rule amendments (United Kingdom)
MSC 86/5/11 Comments on verification Tier III (Argentina, Spain)
MSC 86/5/14 Comments on verification Tier III (RINA)
MSC 86/Inf.10 Cross industry approach to SCF (many NGOs)
MSC 86/WP.5 Report of the working group
MSC 86/11 Report of BLG 13 (Secretariat)
MSC 86/12 Report of DE 52 - urgent matters (Secretariat)
MSC 86/17 FSA - Outcome of MSC 85 (Secretariat)
MSC 86/17/1 Comments on FSA experts group, databases (Greece)
MSC 86/17/2 Comments on Denmark FSA submittals (Greece)
MSC 86/23/17 Work Programme item - helicopter, MODU, Polar Code (Secretariat)
MSC 86/19 General cargo ship safety - outcome of MSC 85 (Secretariat)
MSC 86/19/1 Comments of FSA (Germany)
MSC 86/Inf.4 IACS FSA - step 1 - historical data (IACS)
MSC 86/23/2 Work Programme - Safety measures for Antarctic navigation (Argentina, Chile)
MSC 86/23/9 Mandatory application of Polar Guidelines (Denmark, Norway, U.S.)
MSC 86/23/13 Testing of watertight compartments (Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, IACS)
MSC 86/23/16 High-level action plan - 2010-2011 biennium (Secretariat)
MSC 86/23/17 Work Programme item - helicopter, MODU, Polar Code (Secretariat)
MSC 86/26 Report of MSC 86      Annexes 1-14     Annexes 15-33
MSC 85/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 85 (November-December 2008)
MSC 85/3 Amendments to SOLAS, 2000 HSC Code, etc. (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/3/1 Amendments to ICLL Protocol (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/3/2 Adoption of the 2008 Intact Stability Code (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/3/5 Proposed a Circular regarding regulations XII/12 & XII/13 (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/3/7 Draft MSC Circular regarding adoption of the 2008 IS Code (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/5 GBS - Draft SOLAS amendments for bulk carriers, oil tankers (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/5/1 Report of Pilot Panel (by Co-ordinator)
MSC 85/5/2 Compliance verification - confidentiality (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/5/3 Comments on SLA (by Japan)
MSC 85/5/4 Comments on draft SOLAS amendments (by Japan)
MSC 85/5/5 Comments on intellectual property of SCF (by CESA)
MSC 85/5/6 Comments on net scantlings - Pilot Report (by Japan)
MSC 85/5/7 Considerations on intellectual property rights (by Japan and CESA)
MSC 85/5/8 Comments on Pilot Report, trial application using CSR (by Korea)
MSC 85/WP.5 Report of the working group    Add.1
MSC 85/7 Report of DE 51 (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/7/1 Interpretation of bulk carrier definition (by IACS)
MSC 85/12 Report of SLF 51 (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/17/1 FSA - cruise ships (by Denmark)
MSC 85/17/2 FSA - RoPax ships (by Denmark)
MSC 85/19 Outcome of MSC 84 (by Secretariat)
MSC 85/19/1 FSA - preparatory for general cargo ship safety (by Germany, Norway, IACS)
MSC 85/19/2 Identification of problem areas (by Korea)
MSC 85/23/1 Subdivision standards for cargo ships (by the United Kingdom)
MSC 85/23/4 Proposal for new Code covering Offshore Construction Support Vessels (by Germany and IMCA)
MSC 85/23/7 Application of SOLAS, MARPOL and LL to major conversions of oil tankers (by Korea and IACS)
MSC 85/Inf.4 Mooring equipment guideleines - MEG3 (OCIMF)
MSC 85/26 Report of MSC 85      Annexes 1, 2, 4-28     Annex 3
MSC 84/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 84 (May 2008)
MSC 84/3 Amendments to SOLAS, HSC Codes, and resolution A.744(18) (Secretariat)
MSC 84/3/1 Amendments to SOLAS Protocol (by Secretariat)
MSC 84/WP.3 Amendments to Mandatory Instruments - Report of the drafting group
MSC 84/5 GBS; Working Group report (Part 2)
MSC 84/5/1 Consequential amendments to IMO instruments (by Secretariat)
MSC 84/5/2 Pilot Panel; Tier III using IACS CSR (by Co-ordinator)
MSC 84/5/3 Correspondence Group report (by Germany)
MSC 84/5/4 GBS as generic structure for all Conventions (by Denmark, Germany and Norway)
MSC 84/5/5 Comments on Correspondence Group report (by Japan)
MSC 84/Inf.5 Naval Ship Code (by the Netherlands)
MSC 84/WP.4 GBS Standards - Report of the Working Group
MSC 84/11/2 Definition of “bulk carrier” (by Norway)
MSC 84/11/3 Definition of “bulk carrier” (by Secretariat)
MSC 84/11/4 Definition of “bulk carrier” (Chair, DE Sub-Committee)
MSC 84/11/5 Definition of “bulk carrier” (by CESA)
MSC 84/11/6 Performance standard for protective coatings (by IACS)
MSC 84/11/7 Review of Special Purpose Ship (SPS) Code (by the Netherlands)
MSC 84/11/8 Definition of “bulk carrier” (by Intercargo)
MSC 84/13 General cargo ship safety; outcome of MSC 83 (by Secretariat)
MSC 84/15/2 Recommendations for decked (less than 12 metres) and undecked F/Vs (by Secretariat)
MSC 84/19/1 Building contract dates (IACS)
MSC 84/WP.13 Draft MSC-MEPC Circular on the meaning of the building contract date
MSC 84/22/10 Alternatives for bottom inspection requirements for passenger vessels (by CLIA)
MSC 84/22/12 Stability requirements for ro-ro passenger ships (by 27 European nations and EC)
MSC 84/22/16 Outcome of Assembly; 1993 Torremolinos Protocol (by Secretariat)
MSC 84/22/21 Draft agreement on implementation of 1993 Torremolinos Protocol (by Iceland)
MSC 84/22/23 Stability requirements for ro-ro passenger ships (by CESA)
MSC 84/22/24 Tenders operating from passenger ships (by CLIA)
MSC 84/Inf.12 Bulk carrier casualty report (by INTERCARGO)
MSC 84/WP.14 Work programmes and Provisional Agendas of the Sub-committees
MSC 84/24 Report of MSC 84      Annexes 1-8     Annexes 9-11, 13-23     Annex 12
MSC 83/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 83 (October 2007)
MSC 83/3/2 Drainage of enclosed ro-ro spaces (by Denmark, Norway and Sweden)
MSC 83/WP.3 Report of the drafting group: Amendments to Mandatory Instruments
MSC 83/5 GBS overview (by Secretariat)
MSC 83/5/1 Report of the Pilot Panel (by the United States)
MSC 83/5/2 Correspondence group report on GBS (by Sweden)
MSC 83/5/3 Correspondence group report on Safety Level Approach (by Germany)
MSC 83/5/4 Funding options for Group of Experts (by Secretariat)
MSC 83/5/6 Rationale behind regulations (by Netherlands)
MSC 83/5/7 Consideration of occupational health and safety (by Denmark)
MSC 83/5/8 Comments with respect to ice strengthening (by Finland)
MSC 83/5/9 Comments on the SLA Correspondence Group report (by Japan)
MSC 83/5/10 Safety Level Approach -- safety levels (by Germany)
MSC 83/5/11 Comments on the Pilot Panel report (by Japan)
MSC 83/5/12 Comments on the Pilot Panel report (by IACS)
MSC 83/5/14 Comments on the Pilot Panel report (by Germany)
MSC 83/5/15 Comments on the Pilot Panel report (by Korea)
MSC 83/5/16 Comments on the SLA Correspondence Group report (by Korea)
MSC 83/5/17 Comments on the GBS Correspondence Group report (by Korea)
MSC 83/Inf.5 Information submitted by IACS to the Pilot Panel (by IACS)
MSC 83/WP.5 Report of the working group: Goal-Based Standards
MSC 83/9 Report of DE 50 (by Secretariat)
MSC 83/9/1 Definition of the term “bulk carrier” (by most of Europe)
MSC 83/9/2 Comments on the Report of DE 50 (by the U.K.)
MSC 83/9/3 Comments on the Report of DE 50 (by RINA)
MSC 83/9/4 Comments on the Report of DE 50 (by Greece)
MSC 83/11 Report of SLF 50 (by Secretariat)
MSC 83/20/1 General Cargo Ship Safety     Corrigenda 1    (by Argentina)
MSC 83/20/2 Focused inspection campaign on ships' lifting appliances (by New Zealand)
MSC 83/20/3 Comments on general cargo ship losses and fatalities (by RINA)
MSC 83/20/4 SURSHIP - FSA on dry cargo ships (by Germany)
MSC 83/20/5 Comments on MSC 83/20/1 (by Korea)
MSC 83/20/6 Comments on MSC 83/20/1 (by India)
MSC 83/Inf.10 Information paper on ships' lifting appliances (by New Zealand)
MSC 83/21 Outcome of MEPC 56 (by Secretariat)
MSC 83/21/1 FSA - LNG carriers (by Denmark)
MSC 83/21/2 FSA - Container vessels (by Denmark)
MSC 83/Inf.2 Consolidated text of FSA Guidelines (by Secretariat)
MSC 83/Inf.3 FSA - LNG carriers (by Denmark)
MSC 83/Inf.8 FSA - Container vessels (by Denmark)
MSC 83/22/2 Damage stability verification of tankers (by IACS)
MSC 83/22/3 Implementation of the 1988 ICLL Protocol (by IACS)
MSC 83/22/5 Implementation of the 1988 ICLL Protocol (by the U.K.)
MSC 83/25/4 Proposed amendments to VDR and S-VDR performance standards (by Germany)
MSC 83/25/14 Damage stability verification (by six countries and INTERTANKO))
MSC 83/25/16 Damage stability verification (by Norway)
MSC 83/27/2 Revised OCIMF Recommendations wrt Bow Moorings at SPMs (by OCIMF)
MSC 83/27/4 SURSHIP - Survivability of Ships (by France, Germany, the Netherlands & Sweden)
MSC 83/27/8 Applicability of IMO Conventions to FPSOs and FSUs (by ITF)
MSC 83/Inf.6 Bulk carrier casualty report (by INTERCARGO)
MSC 83/Inf.9 Immediate measures implemented wrt Bourbon Dolphin casualty (by Norway)
MSC 83/28 Report of MSC 83     Annexes 1-16     17, 32 & 35     18-31, 33, 34, 36-44
MSC 82/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 82 (November-December 2006)
MSC 82/3 Amendments: SOLAS, IBC, IGC, HSC, etc. (by Secretariat)
MSC 82/3/1 Amendments to Annex B of Protocol of 1988 relating to ICLL (by Secretariat)
MSC 82/3/3 Performance standard for protective coatings (by Secretariat)
MSC 82/3/5 Guidelines for alternative designs (by Secretariat)
MSC 82/3/6 Amendments to HSC Code (by Argentina)
MSC 82/3/7 Proposal for revision to amendments to chapter III (by Germany)
MSC 82/3/8 SLF 49 outcomes: revised amendments chapters II-1 and II-2 (by Secretariat)
MSC 82/3/9 Clarifications to draft SOLAS chapter II-1/8-1 (by Norway and Sweden)
MSC 82/3/16 Amendments to SOLAS chapter III (by Norway)
MSC 82/3/17 Performance standards for protective coatings (by Republic of Korea)
MSC 82/3/18 Performance standards for protective coatings (by Greece)
MSC 82/3/22 Comments on SOLAS related to passenger ship safety (by Japan)
MSC 82/3/23 Comments on SOLAS chapter II-1/8-1 (by France)
MSC 82/3/27 Comments on criteria for safe return to port (by Germany)
MSC 82/3/28 Comments on SOLAS chapter III (by United States)
MSC 82/3/30 Amendments to SOLAS chapter III (by IACS)
MSC 82/3/31 Comments on criteria for safe return to port (by United Kingdom)
MSC 82/WP.3 Report of the drafting group: Amendments to Mandatory Instruments
MSC 82/WP.13 Report of the informal group: SOLAS regulation II-1/8-1
MSC 82/WP.14 Report of the informal group: Protective Coatings
MSC 82/5 Goal-Based Standards: correspondence group report (by United States)
MSC 82/5/1 Correspondence group report: Safety Level Approach (SLA) (by Germany and Sweden)
MSC 82/5/2 Liability issues associated with GBS in IMO instruments (by Secretariat)
MSC 82/5/3 Considerations of human factors aspects (by Liberia)
MSC 82/5/4 Comments on liability issues (by Islamic Republic of Iran)
MSC 82/5/5 Draft tier II SLA (by IACS)
MSC 82/5/6 Comments on CG report on GBS (by Republic of Korea)
MSC 82/5/7 Comments on CG report on SLA (by Republic of Korea)
MSC 82/5/8 Draft guidelines for GBS usage (by Japan)
MSC 82/5/9 Verification of tier III (by China)
MSC 82/5/10 Comments on CG report on GBS (by Japan)
MSC 82/5/11 Comments on net scantlings in GBS (by IACS)
MSC 82/WP.5 Report of the working group: Goal-Based Standards
MSC 82/7/1 Urgent matters from DE: interpretations of SOLAS II-1/3-6 (by IACS)
MSC 82/12 Report of SLF 49 (by Secretariat)
MSC 82/12/1 Open top containership tonnage (by Germany)
MSC 82/18/2 In-service damage stability: chemical and gas tankers (by Secretariat)
MSC 82/18/3 In-service damage stability (by United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden)
MSC 82/18/4 In-service damage stability (by INTERTANKO)
MSC 82/18/5 In-service damage stability (by International Parcel Tankers Association (IPTA))
MSC 82/21/12 Double hull tankers: work programme for fixed gas detection systems (by various)
MSC 82/21/14 Revise resolution A.715(17), timber deck cargoes (by Sweden)
MSC 82/21/18 Passenger ships: central control & safety stations (by Argentina and ICCL)
MSC 82/21/19 Work programme for general cargo ship safety (by Russian Federation)
MSC 82/23/4 Proposal for mandatory coating of cargo oil tanks (by various)
MSC 82/23/6 SPS Code ships: inclusion in ISM Code (by European Administrations)
MSC 82/23/8 Coatings: anti-corrosion steel (by Japan)
MSC 82/24 Report of MSC 82      Annexes 1-13     Annexes 14-38
MSC 81/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 81 (May 2006)
MSC 81/3 Amendments to SOLAS, FSA and LSA Codes (by Secretariat)
MSC 81/4 Passenger ship safety - outcome of NAV, SLF, FP and STW (by Secretariat)
MSC 81/4/Add.1 Outcome of DE and COMSAR (by Secretariat)
MSC 81/4/1 Short international voyages (by Sweden)
MSC 81/4/2 Onboard safety centers (by United States and ICCL)
MSC 81/4/3 Survival craft and recovery (by United Kingdom)
MSC 81/4/4 Short international voyages (by Germany)
MSC 81/4/5 Short intl voyages, disabled vessels & recovery systems (by Norway)
MSC 81/WP.6 Working Group report (Passenger Ship Safety)
MSC 81/6 GBS - Working Group report (part 2) (by United States)
MSC 81/6/1 Correspondence Group report (by United States)
MSC 81/6/2 Safety level approach (by Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden)
MSC 81/6/3 Safety level approach (by Japan)
MSC 81/6/4 Japan’s position on GBS (by Japan)
MSC 81/6/5 Basic concept of a ship construction file (SCF) (by Japan)
MSC 81/6/6 Linkage between FSA and GBS (by IACS)
MSC 81/6/7 Risk in the rule development process (by United Kingdom)
MSC 81/6/8 Safety level approach (by Denmark and Germany)
MSC 81/6/9 Draft tier III (by Iran)
MSC 81/6/10 Safety level approach - safety level criteria (by Japan)
MSC 81/6/11 Tier III - verification of compliance criteria (by Korea)
MSC 81/6/12 Comments on tier III (by Korea)
MSC 81/6/13 Use of structural reliability analysis (by Germany)
MSC 81/6/14 Safety level approach (by Germany)
MSC 81/6/15 Linkage between FSA and GBS (by Greece)
MSC 81/6/16 GBS and the safety level approach (by Greece)
MSC 81/6/17 Life cycle cost and environmental impact (by Greece)
MSC 81/6/18 Comments on CG report (by Germany)
MSC 81/Inf.4 Workshop - Understanding safety level approach (by UK, Japan, etc.)
MSC 81/Inf.6 Linkage between FSA and GBS (by IACS)
MSC 81/Inf.7 Safety level approach (by Japan)
MSC 81/WP.7 Working Group report (GBS)
MSC 81/7 DE - performance standard for protective coatings (PSPC) (by Secretariat)
MSC 81/7/1/Add.1 PSPC - matters emanating from DE 49 (by Secretariat)
MSC 81/7/2 Industry comments on the PSPC (by ICS, BIMCO, etc.)
MSC 81/7/3 Inspection of coatings under PSPC (by CEFIC)
MSC 81/7/4 Nominal dry film thickness (NDFT) in the PSPC (by Denmark)
MSC 81/7/5 Application of the PSPC based on contract date (by Japan)
MSC 81/7/6 Dust and abrasive inclusions in the PSPC (by Japan)
MSC 81/7/7 Application date for the draft PSPC (by CESA)
MSC 81/7/8 PSPC during maintenance and repair stage (by Korea)
MSC 81/7/9 PSPC - scope of application (by Korea)
MSC 81/7/10 NDFT, 15 year coating guidelines and dust grade (by Korea)
MSC 81/7/11 Implementation date for PSPC (by China)
MSC 81/7/12 NDFT, dust grade and abrasive inclusion in PSPC (by China)
MSC 81/7/13 Reference to resolution A.789(19) in the PSPC (by China)
MSC 81/7/14 Proposed revisions to the PSPC (by IACS)
MSC 81/7/15 15 year coating life in PSPC (by Greece)
MSC 81/WP.13 Report of the group of experts on protective coatings
MSC 81/Inf.8 Flag State implementation - IIWG report (by IACS, INTERTANKO, etc)
MSC 81/9 Outcome of BLG 9 (by Secretariat)
MSC 81/11 Report of SLF 48 (by Secretariat)
MSC 81/18 Report of the CG to MSC (by Netherlands)
MSC 81/18/1 Utilization of Bayesian network at step 3 of FSA (by Japan)
MSC 81/18/2 Risk analysis, FSA and linkage with GBS (by Greece)
MSC 81/Inf.13 Status of SAFEDOR (by Denmark)
MSC 81/Inf.14 SAFEDOR - risk-based design, operation and regulation (by Denmark)
MSC 81/20/1 Interpretation of SOLAS requirements (by numerous European Nations)
MSC 81/20/2 SOLAS amendments (by numerous European Nations)
MSC 81/20/3 Damage stability verification for tankers (by United Kingdom)
MSC 81/23/7 Review of the 1969 Tonnage Measurement Convention (by Australia)
MSC 81/23/9 Review of the 1969 Tonnage Convention (by Iran)
MSC 81/23/18 Review of the 1969 Tonnage Convention (by ICFTU)
MSC 81/23/25 Review of the 1969 Tonnage Convention (by Netherlands)
MSC 81/25 Report of MSC 81      Annexes 1-21     Annexes 22-46
MSC 80/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 80 (May 2005)
MSC 80/3 to /18 Documents for agenda items 3 to 18
MSC 80/24 Report of MSC 80
MSC 79/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 79 (December 2004)
MSC 79/4 to /11 Documents for agenda items 4 to 11
MSC 79/23 Report of MSC 79
MSC 78/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 78 (May 2004)
MSC 78/5 to /24 Documents for agenda items 5 to 24
MSC 78/26 Report of MSC 78
MSC 77/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 77 (May 2003)
MSC 77/26 Report of MSC 77
MSC 76/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 76 (December 2002)
MSC 76/23 Report of MSC 76
MSC 75/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MSC 75 (May 2002)
MSC 75/24 Report of MSC 75

Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC)

Paper Title
MEPC 68/1/1 Agenda MEPC 68 (May 2015)    agenda
MEPC 68/21 Report of MEPC 68      Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MEPC 67/1/1 Agenda MEPC 67 (October 2014)    agenda
MEPC 67/20 Report of MEPC 67      Inf.1
MEPC 66/1/1 Agenda MEPC 66 (March 2014)    agenda
MEPC 66/21 Report of MEPC 66      Inf.1
MEPC 65/1/1 Agenda MEPC 65 (May 2013)    agenda
MEPC 65/22 Report of MEPC 65      Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MEPC 64/1/1 Agenda MEPC 64 (October 2012)    agenda
MEPC 64/23 Report of MEPC 64      Inf.1      Add.1
MEPC 63/1/1 Agenda MEPC 63 (March 2012)    agenda
MEPC 63/23 Report of MEPC 63      Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MEPC 62/1/1 Agenda MEPC 62 (July 2011)    agenda
MEPC 62/25 Report of MEPC 62      Inf.1      Add.1     Add.2
MEPC 61/1/1 Agenda for MEPC 61 (September - October 2010)    Agenda
MEPC 61/Inf.8 Recycling guidelines - report of intersessional group (Japan)
MEPC 61/4/1 Prevention air pollution from ships - fuels (ISO)
MEPC 61/4/3 Exhaust gas cleaning (USA)
MEPC 61/4/5 Fuel availability (ICS, et. al.)
MEPC 61/Inf.10 MARPOL Annex VI (ICS)
MEPC 61/5/1 Prevention air pollution - GHG (Secretariat)     Add.1 - talks in Germany>
MEPC 61/5/2 EEDI (Germany)
MEPC 61/5/3 Report of intersessional meeting (Secretariat)
MEPC 61/5/4 Combination carriers (Norway)
MEPC 61/5/5 EEDI (Norway)
MEPC 61/5/6 EEDI (Norway)
MEPC 61/5/9 EEDI - cargo ships (Belgium, et. al.)
MEPC 61/5/10 Speed reductions (CSC)
MEPC 61/5/11 Comments on intersessional meeting (ICS)
MEPC 61/5/12 Exemptions (Vanuatu)
MEPC 61/5/13 GHG predictions (OCIMF)
MEPC 61/5/14 Definitions (ICS)
MEPC 61/5/15 Aids to facilitate discussions (Secretariat)
MEPC 61/5/16 Trading credits (USA)
MEPC 61/5/17 EEDI (USA)
MEPC 61/5/18 UN S/G advisory group - Rev.1 (Secretariat)
MEPC 61/5/19 MBI (India)
MEPC 61/5/20 Technologies (Singapore)
MEPC 61/5/21 EEDI - calculations (Greece)
MEPC 61/5/22 EEDI - survey, certification (Greece)
MEPC 61/5/23 EEDI - safety (Greece)
MEPC 61/5/24 MBI (India)
MEPC 61/5/25 EEDI - calculatoins (China)
MEPC 61/5/26 EEDI - regulations (China)
MEPC 61/5/27 EEDI (China)
MEPC 61/5/28 MBI (Korea)
MEPC 61/5/29 EEDI - containerships (Korea)
MEPC 61/5/30 EEDI (IACS)
MEPC 61/5/31 EEDI (IACS)
MEPC 61/5/32 EEDI (IACS)
MEPC 61/5/33 MBI (IUNC)
MEPC 61/5/34 EEDI (Japan)
MEPC 61/5/35 EEDI - technologies (Japan)
MEPC 61/5/36 IEE certificate (Japan)
MEPC 61/5/37 EEDI (ICS)
MEPC 61/5/38 EEDI (USA)
MEPC 61/5/39 Outcome of experts group - market-based (Secretary-General)
MEPC 61/Inf.2 Report of experts group - market-based (Secretariat)
MEPC 61/Inf.18 MACC - supporting data (IMarEST-SNAME)
MEPC 61/Inf.22 Slow steaming - supporting documents (CSC)
MEPC 61/Inf.24 Trading credits - supporting documents (USA)
MEPC 61/WP.10 Report of Working Group - and associated WPs:    WP.7
MEPC 61/6 Ammendments, MARPOL Annex III (Secretariat)
MEPC 61/6/1 IAPP (Secretariat)
MEPC 61/7/1 Record book (Denmark, et. al.)
MEPC 61/7/3 ECA (USA)
MEPC 61/7/4 NOx technical code (Germany)
MEPC 61/Inf.11 FSA - spill costs (USA)
MEPC 61/24 Report of MEPC 61      Inf.1
MEPC 60/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 60 (March 2010)    Agenda    Add.1 - related to COP 15
MEPC 60/2/10 Draft resolution on installation of Ballast Water Management systems (Secretariat)
MEPC 60/4 Prevention air pollution from ships - GHG - list of documents deferred to MEPC 60
MEPC 60/4/1 Clarification, ice class corrections (Finland, Sweden)
MEPC 60/4/2 Electric power tables for EEDI (IACS, CLIA, ICS, INTERFERRY)
MEPC 60/4/3 EEDI for tankers (INTERTANKO)
MEPC 60/4/4 EEDI redundant propulsion - shuttle tankers (INTERTANKO)
MEPC 60/4/5 Trials, verification of EEDI (Japan)
MEPC 60/4/6 Consideration of ro-ro cargo ship - EEDI (Denmark)
MEPC 60/4/7 Guidelines, calculation of baselines - EEDI (Denmark, Japan)
MEPC 60/4/8 International Fund for GHG (Cyprus, Denmark, the Marshall Islands, Nigeria, IPTA)
MEPC 60/4/9 Outcome of COP 15 (Secretariat)
MEPC 60/4/10 Market-Based Instruments: a penalty on trade (Bahamas)
MEPC 60/4/11 Prospect of energy efficiency improvement for new ships (EUROMOT)
MEPC 60/4/12 Proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - alt to MBIs (United States)
MEPC 60/4/13 Criteria for analysis of MBIs (ICS)
MEPC 60/4/14 Recalculation baseline containership (Denmark, Marshall Islands, World Shipping)
MEPC 60/4/15 EEDI baseline formula (Greece)
MEPC 60/4/16 EEDI and life cycle considerations (Greece)
MEPC 60/4/17 EEDI and underpowered ships (Greece)
MEPC 60/4/18 Calculation method diesel-electric propulsion (Korea)
MEPC 60/4/19 Amendments, 2009 Guidelines exhaust gas cleaning (IMarEST)
MEPC 60/4/20 Power correction factor fj (INTERFERRY)
MEPC 60/4/21 Anti-fouling coatings reduce GHG (IPPIC)
MEPC 60/4/23 Emission caps in 2020 and 2030 (Norway)
MEPC 60/4/24 Emissions of black carbon in the Arctic (Norway, Sweden, Unitied States)
MEPC 60/4/26 Global emissions trading system (Unitied Kingdom)
MEPC 60/4/28 Emissions “caps” and reduction targets (World Shipping Council)
MEPC 60/4/30 EEDI baselines (China)
MEPC 60/4/31 Calculation of and voluntary verification of EEDI (China)
MEPC 60/4/32 IAPP Certificate and relevant Supplement (IACS)
MEPC 60/4/33 EEDI baseline evaluation-tankers, containerships, LNG (IMarEST-SNAME)
MEPC 60/4/34 Influence of design parametes on EEDI (IMarEST-SNAME)
MEPC 60/4/35 EEDI - draft text for new MARPOL Annex VI (Japan, Norway, United States)
MEPC 60/4/36 Values of the reduction rates required for EEDI (Japan)
MEPC 60/4/37 Leveraged Incentive Scheme - alt MBI - for International GHG Fund (Japan)
MEPC 60/4/38 Technical info vapour pressure control system, VOC management plans (Norway)
MEPC 60/4/39 Establish a Vessel Efficiency System, VES (World Shipping Council)
MEPC 60/4/41 Development of ETS (France)
MEPC 60/4/43 Documents associated with ETS (France, Germany, Norway, UK)
MEPC 60/4/44 Data assessment of EEDI for LNG (SIGTTO)
MEPC 60/4/45 EEDI verification process (ITTC)
MEPC 60/4/46 Comments on outcome COP 15 (OCIMF, INTERTANKO)
MEPC 60/4/47 Guidelines method of calculation of EEDI (EU Administrations)
MEPC 60/4/48 EEDI for subgroups of ro-ro cargo ships (INTERFERRY, CESA)
MEPC 60/4/49 International Fund for GHG (Greece)
MEPC 60/4/52 Tanker Energy Efficiency Management Plan (INTERTANKO)
MEPC 60/4/56 EEDI for cruise ships (CLIA)
MEPC 60/Inf.6 Impact of the ice-class correction factors fi and fj (Finland, Sweden)
MEPC 60/Inf.7 Cost due to an International Fund for GHG (Denmark)
MEPC 60/Inf.8 Global emissions trading scheme (France)
MEPC 60/Inf.12 Climate change mitigation in maritime sector (World Bank)
MEPC 60/Inf.18 LR, DNV study emissions reduction from technical, operational measures (Secretariat)
MEPC 60/Inf.23 Model course, energy efficient ship operations by WMU (Secretariat)
MEPC 60/WP.9 Report of Working Group - and associated WPs:    WP.5     WP.6
MSC 60/5 Amendments to MARPOL Annex I - oils in Antarctica (by Secretariat)
MSC 60/5/1 Amendments to MARPOL Annex VI - North American ECA (by Secretariat)
MSC 60/5/2 Amendments to MARPOL Annex VI - North American ECA (by Secretariat)
MSC 60/6 Interim guidelines for Oil Record Book, Parts I and II (by Denmark)
MEPC 60/Inf.4 Baltic Sea as Special Area, MARPOL Annex IV (Baltic Administrations)
MSC 60/12 Status of Conventions (by Secretariat)
MEPC 60/22 Report of MEPC 60
MEPC 59/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 59 (July 2009)    Agenda
MEPC 59/2/12 GIGIS - database of Ballast Water Management systems (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/2/15 Outcome of BLG 13 (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/2/17 Use of potable water for ballast control (United Kingdom)
MEPC 59/4 Prevention air pollution from ships - outcome UN climate change (Secretariat)  Add.1
MEPC 59/4/1 Sulfur monitoring 2008 (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/4/2 Report of ISCG meeting, March 9 to 13 (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/4/3 Fuel characteristics - air quality, safety, performance, health (ISO)
MEPC 59/4/4 IMO GHG study - report from Steering Committee (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/4/5 International fund for GHG (Denmark)
MEPC 59/4/6 Fuel availability-quality (ICS, OCIMF, BIMCO, Intercargo)
MEPC 59/4/7 Update of the 2000 IMO GHG Study (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/4/8 Report of Correspondence Group (Australia, Netherlands)
MEPC 59/4/9 Proposals to ensure IMO efforts progress (Chairman)
MEPC 59/4/10 Considerations - liquefied gas as fuel (SIGTTO)
MEPC 59/4/11 Work of ISO and IEC - shore power (ISO)
MEPC 59/4/12 Consideration of EEDI for new ships (CLIA)
MEPC 59/4/13 Refinement of EEDI (ICS)
MEPC 59/4/14 Coefficients for EEDI having ice-class (Canada, et al)
MEPC 59/4/15 Report of Correspondence Group - EEOI (Japan)
MEPC 59/4/17 Evaluation of market-based instruments (OCIMF)
MEPC 59/4/18 Market-based measures to reduce greenhouse gases (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/4/20 Considerations of the EEDI Baselines (China)
MEPC 59/4/21 Comments on the coefficient “fw” in the EEDI (China)
MEPC 59/4/24 Establishing an emission cap in an ETS (Norway)
MEPC 59/4/27 Verification of EEDI (IACS)
MEPC 59/4/28 Definition of electric power table for EEDI (CLIA)
MEPC 59/4/29 EEDI for non-conventional passenger ships (CLIA)
MEPC 59/4/30 Verification process - EEDI (United States)
MEPC 59/4/31 Exhaust gas cleaning systems (Finland)
MEPC 59/4/33 Guidelines - SEMP (Japan, United States)
MEPC 59/4/34 Market-based mechanism - improve efficiency - fund (Japan)
MEPC 59/4/35 Targets for reducing CO2 (Japan)
MEPC 59/4/36 Voluntary verification - EEDI (Japan, Norway)
MEPC 59/4/37 Calculation, definitions - EEDI (Sweden)
MEPC 59/4/39 Verification process - EEDI (Korea)
MEPC 59/4/40 UN framework - COP 15 - Copenhagen, December 2009 (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/4/41 Containerships - EEDI (Marshall Islands)
MEPC 59/4/43 Comments (INTERTANKO)
MEPC 59/4/44 Comments - EEDI (IACS)
MEPC 59/4/45 International fund (OCIMF)
MEPC 59/4/46 Comment on Chair’s way ahead (OCIMF)
MEPC 59/4/48 Comments (United States)
MEPC 59/4/49 Possible method setting EEDI (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/Inf.5 Ministerial Conference (January 2009) global environment (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/Inf.10 Second IMO GHG Study - final report - phases 1 and 2 [5 MB] (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/Inf.15 Study by NOAA, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, February 2009 (United States)
MEPC 59/Inf.26 Draft text for EEDI application (Japan, Norway)
MEPC 59/Inf.27 Energy improvements - new ships (Japan)
MEPC 59/WP.8 Report of the working group (Chair of WG)
MEPC 59/WP.x Draft work plan for MBI (Chair of MEPC)
MEPC 59/6/1 Unified Interpretation reg 23, Annex I (IACS)
MEPC 59/6/4 Inadequate manuals for OCM, controls in tankers (Denmark)
MEPC 59/6/5 Designation of ECA - Emission Control Area (Canada, United States)
MEPC 59/6/7 Comments on Correspondence Group (BIMCO, Intercargo)
MEPC 59/6/9 Piping arrangements for emergency transfers (Korea)
MEPC 59/Inf.13 Support for ECA in Canadian-US waters (United States)
MEPC 59/10/4 Outcome of DE 52 (by Secretariat)
MEPC 59/10/8 Use of HGO, IFO-180 in Antarctic waters (CLIA)
MEPC 59/11 Outcome of Council (by Secretariat)
MEPC 59/13 Guidance best practices removal coatings, incl TBT (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/17 Report of Corr Group - environmental risk evaluation (Greece)
MEPC 59/20/1 Polar guidelines - mandatory (Denmark, Norway, United States)
MEPC 59/20/2 Guidelines - shipboard oil waste pollution (United States)
MEPC 59/20/6 Guidelines - oil waste prevention plan (IFAW)
MEPC 59/Inf.1 List of participants (Secretariat)
MEPC 59/24 Report of MEPC 59      Annex
MEPC 58/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 58 (October 2008)
MEPC 58/4 Report intersessional on greenhouse gases from ships (Secretariat)
MEPC 58/4/8 Methodology for design baselines (Denmark)
MEPC 58/4/13 Voluntary CO2 emission indexing (Intertanko, OCIMF, BIMCO)
MEPC 58/4/14 CO2 emission indexing for new ships (INTERTANKO)
MEPC 58/4/16 Greenhouse gas emissions - IMO principles (numerous Administrations)
MEPC 58/4/21 CO2 emissions - framework for assessment (IMarEST)
MEPC 58/4/34 Comments on proposed baseline formula (China)
MEPC 58/4/35 Proposed refining of CO2 design index (United States)
MEPC 58/Inf.7 Ship efficiency management plan (ICS, Intertanko, OCIMF, BIMCO)
MEPC 58/WP.8 Report of the working group (Chair of WG)
MEPC 58/17 Correspondence group environmental risk (Greece)
MEPC 58/17/1 Cost of oil spills (Japan)
MEPC 58/17/2 FSA - crude oil tankers (Denmark)
MEPC 58/Inf.2 FSA for crude oil tankers (by Denmark)
MEPC 58/Inf.1 List of participants (Secretariat)
MEPC 58/23 Report of MEPC 58      Annexes 13 & 14
MEPC 57/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 57 (March/April 2008)
MEPC 57/4/8 Reduction of GHG emissions---new ships (ICS, BIMCO, et al)
MEPC 57/4/9 Reduction of GHG emissions---existing ships (ICS, BIMCO, et al)
MEPC 57/21 Report of MEPC 57      Annex
MEPC 56/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 56 (July 2007)
MEPC 56/18/1 FSA items (Greece)
MEPC 56/23 Report of MEPC 56
MEPC 55/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 55 (October 2006)
MEPC 55/4 Working Group report on Air Pollution (Part 2) (by Working Group Chair)
MEPC 55/4/3 Interim Guidelines for Voluntary Ship CO2 Emissions (by Germany & Norway)
MEPC 55/4/10 Standardization of on-shore power supply (by IMarEST)
MEPC 55/6/2 Revised MARPOL Annex I, reg 38 (by Marshall Islands & INTERTANKO)
MEPC 55/6/12 Handling oil residues and bilge water (by INTERTANKO & INTERCARGO)
MEPC 55/18 Spill costs (by )
MEPC 55/23 Report of MEPC 55
MEPC 54/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 54 (March 2006)
MEPC 54/5 Draft MARPOL fuel tank regulation for adoption
MEPC 54/5/3 Fuel tank protection in semisubmersible drilling units (by IADC)
MEPC 54/5/4 Applicability of revised MARPOL Annex I to FPSOs and FSUs (by IACS)
MEPC 54/5/6 Considerations of proposed regulation 13A (by IACS)
MEPC 54/10/3 Outcome of SLF 47 and SLF 48 (by Secretariat)
MEPC 54/21 Report of MEPC 54
MEPC 53/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 53 (July 2005)
MEPC 53/24 Report of MEPC 53
MEPC 53/24/Add.1 Ballast water management and ship recycling guidelines
MEPC 53/24/Add.2 Amendments to CAS & IBC Code; and the draft MARPOL fuel tank reg
MEPC 52/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 52 (October 2004)
MEPC 52/24 Report of MEPC 52
MEPC 52/24/Add.1 Unified Interpretations for Annex I, regulation 13G(4), CAS amendments
MEPC 52/24/Add.2 Annex I to MARPOL 73/78 - Resolution MEPC.117(52)
MEPC 52/24/Add.3 IBC Code - Resolution MEPC.119(52)
MEPC 51/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 51 (March 2004)
MEPC 51/22 Report of MEPC 51      revised Annex I      IBC Code
MEPC 50/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 50 (December 2003)
MEPC 50/3 Report of MEPC 50
MEPC 49/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 49 (July 2003)
MEPC 49/22 Report of MEPC 49
MEPC 48/1/1 Annotated Agenda for MEPC 48 (October 2002)
MEPC 48/21 Report of MEPC 48

Ship Design and Equipment Sub-Committee (DE)

Paper Title
DE 54/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 54 (October 2010)      Agenda
DE 54/2 Outcome of MSC 87 (Secretariat)
DE 54/4 Circular for watertight doors open during navigation (Secretariat)      WP.1
DE 54/4/1 Comments on circular (CLIA)
DE 54/5 Interpretations - circular for conversion of single-hull (Secretariat)
DE 54/5/1 Major conversion of oil tankers (EU administrations)
DE 54/5/2 Major conversion of single-hull oil tankers (IACS)
DE 54/11 Resolution A.744(18) - report of correspondence group (Germany)
DE 54/11/1 Harmonization with IACS UR Z10 (Germany)
DE 54/11/2 Harmonization with IACS UR Z10 (Germany)
DE 54/13 Polar Code - outcome 2010 Manila Conference (Secretariat)      WP.3
DE 54/13/1 Risk-based (Germany)
DE 54/13/2 Information relevant to Antarctic areas (New Zealand)
DE 54/13/3 Report of correspondence group (Norway)
DE 54/13/4 Alternate framework (Vanuatu)
DE 54/13/5 F/Vs in Polar waters (New Zealand)
DE 54/13/6 Comments on report (Finland)
DE 54/13/7 Environmental aspects (Norway)
DE 54/13/10 Comments on DE 54/13/4 (Russian Federation)
DE 54/13/11 Comments on CLIA risk study (New Zealand)
DE 54/Inf.2 Tiered risk approach (CLIA)
DE 54/Inf.3 Mandatory code (Germany)
DE 54/Inf.5 Emissions and discharges (Norway)
DE 54/17 Integrated bilge water systems (Japan)
DE 54/18 Waste oil poll prevention plan - report of corr group (USA)
DE 54/19 Manual ops poll equipment - report of corr group (USA)
DE 54/22/2 Any other business - wing spaces ore-combo carriers (IACS)
DE 54/23 Report of DE 54      Inf.1
DE 53/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 53 (February 2010)      Agenda
DE 53/2 Outcome of MSC 86 (Secretariat)
DE 53/2/1 Outcome of MEPC 59 (Secretariat)
DE 53/7 COT coatings-protection, report of correspondence group (Japan)
DE 53/7/1 Comment on correspondence group (NACE International)
DE 53/7/2 Comment on test procedures for coating qualification (China)
DE 53/7/3 Establishment list of training, examination schemes coating inspectors (China)
DE 53/7/4 Comment on correspondence group (IACS)
DE 53/7/5 Comment on draft performance standards (China)
DE 53/7/7 Comment on correspondence group (Japan)
DE 53/Inf.4 Performance test comparison, protective coatings (China)
DE 53/Inf.6 Alternatives to testing the salt limit on the substrate (NACE International)
DE 53/9 Watertight doors remaining open - report of correspondence group (Sweden)
DE 53/12 Alternatives for bottom inspection - outcomes FSI, MSC, MEPC (Secretariat)
DE 53/12/1 Guidance for Administrations (Bahamas, Malta, Marshall Islands, CLIA, ICS)
DE 53/15 OSVs - considerations for code for offshore construction support vessels (IMCA)
DE 52/16 Major conversion interpretations - SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line (IACS)
DE 53/18 Outcome Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (Secretariat)
DE 53/18/1 Code for ships operating in polar waters - concept of development (Germany)
DE 53/18/2 Proposed framework (Canada)
DE 53/18/3 Comments on mandatory code (FOEI, IUCN, Greenpeace, IFAW and WWF)
DE 53/23 Inadequate manuals for equipment malfunction OWS, content meters (Denmark)
DE 53/23/1 Manual operations of OWS, content meters (OCIMF)
DE 53/25/2 Incorrect wording of 2008 SPS Code (Germany, Norway)
DE 53/26 Report of DE 53
DE 52/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 52 (March 2009)      Agenda
DE 52/3 Resolution A.744(18) report of correspondence group (Germany)
DE 52/5 MODU Code - consolidated text (Secretariat)
DE 52/5/2 Comments on consolidated text (China)
DE 52/9 Ships in Arctic ice-covered waters - outcome of SLF 51
DE 52/9/1 Report of correspondence group (Canada)
DE 52/9/2 Implications of mandatory application (United States)
DE 52/9/4 Comments on correspondence group report (BIMCO & IPTA)
DE 52/9/5 Comments on correspondence group report (United Kingdom)
DE 52/Inf.4 Correspondence group - summary of comments (Canada)
DE 52/11 Guidelines for ops - high speed craft - outcomes COMSAR, NAV, SLF
DE 52/11/1 Report of correspondence group (Australia)
DE 52/12 Maintenance and repair of protective coatings - draft guidelines (IACS)
DE 52/14 Cargo oil tank coating, corrosion protection - report of working group (Part 2)
DE 52/14/1 Report of industry JWG/COTCPS - cargo oil tank coating standard (IPPIC, ICS, Intertanko)
DE 52/14/2 Test procedures for coating qualification - cargo tanks (China)
DE 52/14/3 Comments on JWG/COTCPS & working group at DE 51 (Japan)
DE 52/Inf.7 Information - comparisons for test methods for coating qualification (China)
DE 52/15 Watertight doors - remain open - outcome SLF 51 (Secretariat)
DE 52/15/1 Report of correspondence group (Sweden)
DE 52/17 PSPC for seawater ballast - all ship types & double-side skin spaces bulkers (IACS)
DE 52/17/1 Major conversion interpretations - single to double hull (IACS)
DE 52/20/3 Diagnosing contaminants in oily bilgewater - operations, treatment (IMarEST/SNAME)
DE 52/20/5 Retrofitting equipment - MEPC.107(49) - OCM test standards (United States)
DE 52/20/14 Phase-out of equipment approved under MEPC.60(33) (United States)
DE 52/20/15 Comments on Retrofitting equipment - MEPC.107(49) (Sweden)
DE 52/20/16 Phasing-out of equipment not complying MEPC.107(49) (ICS)
DE 52/20/17 Retrofitting (compliance with MEPC.107(49) - emulsion breaking devices (Denmark)
DE 52/21 Report of DE 52
DE 51/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 51 (February 2008)      Additions to the agenda
DE 51/5 Review of SPS Code - Report of the Correspondence Group
DE 51/5/1 Outcome of SLF 50 and DSC 12 (Secretariat)
DE 51/5/2 Comments on the CG Report (Norway)
DE 51/5/3 Comments on the CG Report (IADC)
DE 51/7 MODU Code Amendments - Report of the Drafting Group at DE 50 (Part 2) (Chair)
DE 51/7/1 Outcome of SLF 50 (Secretariat)
DE 51/7/2 Report of the Correspondence Group
DE 51/7/3 Comments on draft amendments (China)
DE 51/7/4 Comments on draft amendments (IADC)
DE 51/7/5 Comments on draft performance standard (China)
DE 51/9 CG Report on Life-saving Appliances (occupant weight) (United States)
DE 51/11 Guidelines for ships in Arctic ice-covered waters - issues to be considered (Australia)
DE 51/11/1 Comments on the ATCP proposals (Canada, et. al.)
DE 51/11/2 Ice operation training (Finland)
DE 51/13 Uniform operating limits on high-speed craft - Report of the Correspondence Group
DE 51/13/1 Outcome of COMSAR 11, SLF 50, NAV 53 (Secretariat)
DE 51/14 Maintenance & repair of protective coatings - Report of the CG (Part 1)
Appends A to G (8 MB)      Appends H to I (3 MB)
DE 51/14/1 Protective coating standards for dedicated SWB tanks (BIMCO, et. al.)
DE 51/14/2 Measuring conductivity of soluble salts (Japan)
DE 51/14/3 Comments on the CG Report (CESA)
DE 51/15 Corrosion protection of means of access - Report of the CG (Part 2)
DE 51/19 Cargo oil tank coating & corrosion protection - Report of the CG (Part 3)
DE 51/19/1 Report of JWG/COTPCS
DE 51/19/2 Corrosion-resistant steel for cargo tanks of oil tankers (Japan)
DE 51/19/3 Draft performance standards for protective coatings for crude oil cargo tanks (IPIC)
DE 51/19/4 Comments on the JWG/COTPCS Report (Japan)
DE 51/19/5 Comments on the draft performance standards (China)
DE 51/20 Clarification of SOLAS Reg II-1/3-6 wrt MSC/Circ.1176 (IACS)
DE 51/20/1 Application of SOLAS, MARPOL and LL to conversions (IACS)
DE 51/20/2 Conversion of single hull to double hull tankers (numerous European countries)
DE 51/26 Policy for open watertight doors - background information (Secretariat)
DE 51/26/1 Comments on the agenda item (Sweden)
DE 51/26/2 Proposal to ensure consistent policy (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
DE 51/27 Definition of the term “bulk carrier” (numerous European countries)
DE 51/28 Report of DE 51
DE 50/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 50 (March 2007)
DE 50/3/1 Resolution A.744(18) & IACS Unified Requirements, single-side skin bulk carriers (Japan)
DE 50/3/3 Resolution A.744(18) & IACS Unified Requirements, single hull oil tankers (Japan)
DE 50/3/4 Resolution A.744(18) & IACS Unified Requirements, double hull tankers (Japan)
DE 50/4 Correspondence Group report on protective coatings (by China)
DE 50/7 BLG 10 outcome on gas-fuelled ships (by Secretariat)
DE 50/7/1 Requirements for gas-fuelled ships based on goal-based standards (by Germany)
DE 50/9 Correspondence Group Report: Review of SPS Code (by Norway)
DE 50/9/1 SPS Code: outcome of COMSAR 10, SLF 49 and DSC 11 (by Secretariat)
DE 50/25/12 Interpretation of SOLAS reg II-1/1.3 and II-1/3-6 (by Secretariat)
DE 50/27 Report of DE 50
DE 49/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 49 (February 2006)
DE 49/4/1 Correspondence Group report on Passenger Ship Safety (by United States)
DE 49/5 Review of 2000 HSC Code, DSC Code, and 1994 HSC Code - Correspondence Group report
DE 49/5/2 Proposed amendments for HSC model tests (by Netherlands and ITTC)
DE 49/5/3 Consistency in determination of operating limitations (by RINA)
DE 49/Inf.5 Consistency in determination of operating limitations (by RINA)
DE 49/6 Correspondence Group report on protective coatings (by China)
DE 49/6/1 Outcome of MSC 80 affecting protective coatings (by Secretariat)
DE 49/6/2 Comments on the Correspondence Group report (by BIMCO)
DE 49/6/3 Comments on the Correspondence Group report (by INTERTANKO)
DE 49/6/4 Efficient coating through Goal-based Standards (by CESA)
DE 49/6/5 Effect of dust on coating performance (by Korea)
DE 49/6/6 Effect of edge preparation on coating performance (by Korea)
DE 49/6/7 Effect of soluble salt on coating performance (by Korea)
DE 49/6/8 Comments on the Correspondence Group report (by IACS)
DE 49/6/9 Verification and survey scheme for protective coating systems (by Japan)
DE 49/6/10 Type approval and alternative test procedures for coating systems (by Japan)
DE 49/6/11 Possible shortage of inspectors for protective coating systems (by Japan)
DE 49/6/12 Proposal for future amendments to SOLAS regulations (by Japan)
DE 49/6/13 Coating requirement on abrasive inclusions (by Japan)
DE 49/6/14 Comments on the draft requirement on dust grade (by Japan)
DE 49/6/15 Comments on the Correspondence Group report (by Korea)
DE 49/6/16 Comments on test procedures for protective coatings (by Korea)
DE 49/6/17 Comments on the Correspondence Group report (by China)
DE 49/6/18 Comments on the Correspondence Group report (by Greece)
DE 49/6/19 Effects of primers on coating quality (by Rep. of Korea)
DE 49/12 Proposals relating to Training Ships in the SPS Code (by Norway)
DE 49/14 Proposed amendments to the MODU Code (by Liberia, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, and IADC)
DE 49/14/1 Outcome of SLF 48 - MODU Code (by Secretariat)
DE 49/15 Outcome of SLF 48 - Intact Stability Code (by Secretariat)
DE 49/20 Report of DE 49
DE 48/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 48 (February 2005)
DE 48/7 Report of the Correspondence Group on the Protection of Fuel Oil Tanks
DE 48/7/1 Proposed Revisions to the Draft Regulation (by Japan)
DE 48/7/2 Comments on the Draft Regulation (by United States)
DE 48/Inf.4 Design Studies for the Draft Regulation (by Japan)
DE 48/WP.2 Report of the Working Group (Fuel Tanks)
DE 48/WP.4 Report of the Working Group (Passenger Ship Safety)
DE 48/13 Air Pollution - Report of the Correspondence Group
DE 48/Inf.3 Air Pollution - Catalytic reduction systems (by Japan)
DE 48/WP.5 Guidelines for on-board exhaust gas cleaning
DE 48/25 Report of DE 48
DE 47/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 47 (February 2004)
DE 47/25 Report of DE 47
DE 46/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 46 (March 2003)
DE 46/32 Report of DE 46
DE 45/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 45 (March 2002)
DE 45/27 Report of DE 45
DE 44/1/1 Annotated Agenda for DE 44 (March 2001)
DE 44/19 Report of DE 44

Bulk Liquids and Gases Sub-Committee (BLG)

Paper Title
BLG 13/1/1 Annotated Agenda for BLG 13 (March 2009)    Agenda
BLG 13/6 Gas-fueled ships - outcome of other bodies
BLG 13/6/1 Correspondence Group report (by Norway)
BLG 13/11 Revision of IGC Code (by )
BLG 13/13 Guidelines related Annex VI NOx Technical Code 2008 - outcome MEPC
BLG 13/13/1 Guidelines for certifications engines with SCR systems (Japan)
BLG 13/13/2 Guidelines for VOC management plans (INTERTANKO, OCIMF)
BLG 13/13/3 Guidelines VOC management plan crude carriers (Norway, INTERTANKO)
BLG 13/13/4 Items for guidelines (Japan)
BLG 13/13/5 Non-mandatory - Annex VI, NOx Code (European Engine Manufacturers)
BLG 13/13/6 Guidelines for certification Tier III engines (United States)
BLG 13/13/7 Non-mandatory - Annex VI, NOx Code (Denmark)
BLG 13/13/8 Non-mandatory - Annex VI, NOx Code (Denmark)
BLG 13/13/9 Non-mandatory - Annex VI, NOx Code, Tier III with SCR (United States)
BLG 13/14 Amendments for carriage HGO in Antarctic area (New Zealand)
BLG 13/14/1 Use and carriage of HGO in Antarctic area (Norway)
BLG 13/18 Report of BLG 13
BLG 12/1/1 Annotated Agenda for BLG 12 (February 2008)
BLG 12/17 Report of BLG 12    Annex VI, NOx, VOCs
BLG 11/1/1 Annotated Agenda for BLG 11 (April 2007)
BLG 11/5/8 Goal-based approach to emission reduction (by ICS)
BLG 11/5/9 Responsible environmental stewardship on reduction of air emissions (by OCIMF)
BLG 11/5/14 Impact to environment and fuel supply by proposed MARPOL Annex VI (by IPIECA)
BLG 11/5/15 Development of standards for NOx, PM, and SOx (by United States)
BLG-WGAP 1/2/5 MARPOL Annex VI: NOx technical code & related guidelines (by INTERTANKO)
BLG-WGAP 1/2/13 Impact of SOx emissions and supply of low sulfur fuel (by IPIECA & OCIMF)
BLG 11/16 Report of BLG 11
BLG 10/1/1 Annotated Agenda for BLG 10 (April 2006)
BLG 10/14/2 MARPOL Annex VI: future emission limits (by Norway)
BLG 10/14/5 MARPOL Annex VI: shipping industry perspective (by ICS, BIMCO, INTERCARGO, ICCL & INTERTANKO)
BLG 10/14/14 MARPOL Annex VI: key refining and supply issues (by IPIECA and OCIMF)
BLG 10/14/15 Development of Standards for NOx and PM (by Netherlands and United States)
BLG 10/19 Report of BLG 10
BLG 9/1/1 Annotated Agenda for BLG 9 (April 2005)
BLG 9/17 Report of BLG 9
BLG 8/1/1 Annotated Agenda for BLG 8 (March 2003)
BLG 8/18 Report of BLG 8
BLG 7/1/1 Annotated Agenda for BLG 7 (June 2002)
BLG 7/15 Report of BLG 7
BLG 6/1/1 Annotated Agenda for BLG 6 (February 2001)
BLG 6/16 Report of BLG 6

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