SNAME Chesapeake Photo Gallery: 2004 to 2009


February 2009 - Using the Design Structure Matrix to Plan Complex Design

January 2009 - U.S.N.A Student Session: Fall Poster Presentation and Capstone Design Proposals

December 2008 - Delivery and Deployment of the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Rescue System

October 2008 - The Design and Development of Second Generation Volvo Open 70 Racing Yachts

September 2008 - Ocean Renewable Energy – An Update on New Opportunities


April 2008 - Student Papers Night

March 2008 - Development of the motor torpedo boat, circa 1942

February 2008 - Northrup Grumman Shipyards rebuilding after Katrina

November 2007 - Integration Considerations in Air Capable Ship and Aviation System Design


June 2007 - Evening Cruise on the Schooner Woodwind

May 2007 - Saddlebrook Meeting

May 2007 - Port of Baltimore

April 2007 - Student Papers Night

March 2007 - Engineering of Complex Systems by Mr. Otto P. Jons

February 2007 - Achievements and Goals of NAVSEA's Technical Authority Program by Rear Admiral Kevin M. McCoy, USN; Coast Guard Challenge – Being Prepared with Old and New Assets by Rear Admiral Dale G. Gabel, USCG

January 2007 - U.S.N.A Student Session: Fall Poster Presentation and Capstone Design Proposals

November 2006 - Practical Naval Architecture of Small Craft by Captain Iver Franzen, N.A.

October 2006 - Multi-Vessel Time Domain Simulation in Oblique Seas by Theodore Mordfin, A. S. Murthy Chitrapu, and Henry Chance


June 2006 - Saddlebrook

April 2006 - Student Papers Night

March 2006 - Aluminum Failures in U.S. High Speed Passenger Vessels by Harold Bushfield and Marc Cruder

February 2006 - Challenges in Future Naval Engineering: a NAVSEA SITREP by Vice Admiral Sullivan

January 2006 - U.S.N.A Student Session: Fall Poster Presentation and Capstone Design Proposals

December 2005 - The Constant Friendship: Voyage to Maryland, 1671 by John Wing

November 2005 - Inclining Experiments: Proposed Criteria for Alternate Methods by John Womack and Thomas J. Waters

October 2005 - Ultimate Strength Design and Reliability of High-Speed Craft Aluminum Structures by Matthew Collette

September 2005 - Intact Stability of Twin Hull Pontoon Boats by Eric Cooper and George Borlase


June 2005 - R&D Issues in Aerostat System Design by Dr. Rawat

May 2005 - OPVs and Small Combantants International Technology and Design Practicies by Christopher Cleary

April 2005 - Student Papers Night

March 2005 - Visual Ship Simulation for USCG Small Boat Training by Eugene R. Miller, Jr., Bent Jakobsen, and Brett Fox

February 2005 - The Coast Guard Challenge - Staying Ready with Old and New Assets by RADM Erroll Brown, USCG and RADM Patrick Stillman, USCG

December 2004 - Passenger Ship and Damage Stability Harmonization by Sigmund Rusas, Prof Papanikolaou, Rob Tagg, Jim Person, Riaan van't Veer, Andrea Serra, Anna-Lea Rimpela, Yoshiho Ikeda, and Bill Peters

June 2004

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