Taking in the sights of upper Michigan, August 2007 and 2008
     and July 2010 to Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, WI

Flint Central High School had a 44th and 45th reunion - afterward
     we headed up north

In a companion web page featuring the reunions there was just a hint of the wonders of upper
Michigan, referred to as up north. In this web page we see more of the winter-water wonderland of Michigan.

Again in 2010 visit - this time crossed Lake Michigan on the high-speed ferry; then returned on the
coal-fired-steam-powered S.S. Badger from Manitowoc to Ludington, Michigan.

Mackinac Bridge, taken at the visitor center - 239
The bridge over the Straits of Mackinac symbolizes Michigan’s up north - its also the only way to get to
the Upper Peninsula - UP unless you enter from the west - Wisconsin


      Lighthouses and Lifesaving Stations first

Point Betsie Lighthouse - 243
Point Betsie Lighthouse is being restored by a local group -- it is very common around the country for groups
to volunteer to improve, maintain and then rent out the lighthouse as a vacation destination; Point Betsie is
located just north of Frankfort; Frankfort is a must stop destination

Sleeping Bear Point Lifesaving Station surf boat - 249
Sleeping Bear Point -- lifesaving station is now a museum
for the Coast Guard Lifesaving Service; the Lifesaving Service was one
of three units that were combined to form the modern day Coast Guard

Sleeping Bear Point Lifesaving Station  - 251
Sleeping Bear Point Coast Guard Lifesaving Station -- was comprised of a
boathouse (left) and living quarters (not seen); this museum is worth the drive to
see; when the boat station was operational the track went out to Lake Michigan

Grand Traverse Lighthouse - 243
Grand Traverse Lighthouse -- is located in the
Leelanau State Park and is on the tip of the peninsula


For those of us who moved away after graduation, getting around
Michigan (in August) is a treat - look at some of the sights ...

great blue heron -- beside the Mackinac Bridge public viewing area - 238
Our favorite - great blue heron -- standing at water’s
edge beside the Mackinac Bridge public viewing area

Striations and clouds and shadows - 228
Striations and clouds and shadows give a unique effect

Park sign giving historical perspective - 234
Park sign giving us a historical perspective -- this park is
about 20 miles west of Saint Ignace

Looking south-south-west Lake Michigan - 233
A peaceful view .... the same park, looking south-south-west onto Lake Michigan; the intent was to drive
40 miles west to the Manistique Lakes to look for loons

looking east from Sleeping Bear Seashore - 241
Looking east from Sleeping Bear Seashore -- those are the Glen Lakes

Looking west toward South Manitou - 240
Looking west from Sleeping Bear Dune Seashore at South Manitou -- a view that is hard to match

Instead of Michigan up north, the high speed ferry from Muskegon,
   then up to Green Bay; the slow ferry from Manitowoc (July 2010)

Lake Express arriving Muskegon - 928
Lake Express arriving Muskegon; note the bow doors will swing open allowing the passengers
to drive off; the stern is open; this high speed catamaran was built at the Austal USA
shipyard in Mobile, AL

Lake Express arriving Muskegon - 928
Lake Express docks bow-in in Muskegon; this service has the owner drive car onboard - with directions from the crew
of course; at the Milwaukee terminal Lake Express reverses into the quay

Badger arriving Manitowac - 937
S.S. Badger arriving Manitowoc - coal-fired-steam-engine -- this unique 50-year old car ferry was one of a dozen
operating on Lake Michigan by the C&O Railroad primarily for carrying rail-cars

Badger arriving Manitowac - 937
In 1992 ASME awarded the vessel a Landmark - Google “asme badger”

Stern gate open and reversing into the slip - 939
Stern gate open and reversing into the slip; there is only a stern door;
cars and campers are driven onboard by company staff, around the center casing,
then are parked ready for unloading; the cabana (aft upper deck)
was added in 1992 -- in earlier years the upper deck aft was for cars

Badger underway; the sat-nav dome is covered with coal soot - 945
Badger underway -- the sat-nav dome is covered with coal soot

Looking at the dunes north of Ludington - 943
Looking at the dunes north of Ludington

 - 949
Now out of service, the Spartan at the quay in Ludington, Michigan - the ramp leading from the left was for loading
the cars when there were carried on the aft upper deck; today, this ramp is used to load provisions
aboard for the cafeteria and ship supplies

Quay and loading ramp in home port of Ludington, Michigan - 954
Loading bridge - since stern loading only, the Badger will reverse into the quay;
the old ramp for cars is seen in the upper left

Sunset as we complete crossing to Ludington, Michigan - 948
Sorry ... but, could not keep from closing the “picture show”, looking west into the setting sun ..

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