Pretty photos from around the yard - spring, summer, fall 2006

Most of the photos are of azaleas, but at the end a rose of sharon

   note hosta to the left - full leaves - 17.jpg
   scene near the Japanese oval - 20.jpg
   closeup of azalea near the Japanese oval - 22.jpg
   flower garden annuals, near the peonies and azaleas; note the azalea just behind that is not yet in bloom, which is beside the fence - 25.jpg
   this is the azalea beside the fence - now in full bloom - 25-36.jpg
   azaleas in the front, but look at the Kalmia (upper right corner) just beginning to bloom - 27-34.jpg
   closeup of azalea by the Kalmia - 7.jpg
   and a few days later the Kalmia is also in bloom - 10.jpg
   azaleas in the front - 28.jpg
   rose of sharon - 37.jpg
   flower garden -- before planting - 26-36.jpg
   flower garden, with peonies still in bloom - 7-37.jpg
   flower garden, shot in August in full bloom - 19-41.jpg
   flower garden, shot in September with lantanas in bloom - 20-45.jpg
   an artsy shot of mallow blooms, in August - 4-43.jpg
   mallow close-up - 21-41.jpg
mottled bark of Crape Myrtle - 23-49.jpg
Mottled bark of the Crape Myrtle

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