47th session - September 2004

   Paul, Alex, Turid, Bill With Alex and Turid - Friday night at Geales
   Turid joined us at Geales

Jim and Rob at the Thai restaurant - down the street


Friday night at Geales - after the January Intersessional

   Jane, Rob and Micheal with Jim and Paul at Geales

48th session - September 2005

   Jan Otto & Jim Jim and Jan Otto in a newly found Italian restaurant
   Paul gets to get in the photo
   Jan Otto and Richard, and Göran and Micheal with Jim at Geales - special thanks to Micheal for excellent chairing, and happy retirement Richard
   Jan Otto, Richard Jan Otto and Richard talk before we are seated
we now have another eats place Friday night - Jill has found us a new fish restaurant - with Bill, Jim and Vadim at the Live Bait
   Dracos, Tom, Rob Best wishes Tom on your retirement - with Dracos and Rob at the City Inn
   Dracos, Tom, Rob - taken in lobby
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