Finland and Sweden - September 2005

Freedom of the Seas in Aker Finnyards, Turku

   Click here for larger panorama - will open in a new browser window; if IE browser, click on the sizing icon in the lower right-hand corner: to see the sizing icon, hold the mouse in the corner until it appears - 21, 20, 19 Click on this to get larger version (25 by 7 inches); see the alt text for instructions
  Larger version panorama of Freedom: Click on photo above; in IE browser you must click on the sizing icon that will appear in the lower right-hand corner

34 - A windy, rainy overcast day, but there she was ...

  33 - golliath crane

April 2006: Freedom leaving the yard



Thanks to Aker Finnyards staff for time and hospitality


Visit to Finnish Administration, Helsinki

   12 -Passenger ferry general arrangements Bo, Jerker and Pertti

   16 - Paul made it into this photo

Getting from Helsinki to Stockholm - on the Silja Symphony

   Photo from the web; thanks to Soren Micke Asklander

   23 -Look to the port abeam of the Viking ferry - rounding the point/island A Viking Line also headed for Stockholm

   22 -This is what the rocks to port looks like from the bridge wing - this photo taken at the same point as the Viking ferry - in the photo above Those rocks are really near ....

17, 19-At this time we have been in the Archipelago about 2 hours Two images to give you a feel for the magnificence of the Swedish Archipelago - click button for other image

   20, 21 -We are nearing Stockholm Two more images - click buttons for other view

29 -Conn position #2 - Pontus - incoming master
Docking at quay in Stockholm - ro-ro traffic exits through bow doors and ramp 30 -Docks bow-in at Stockholm

Outstanding example of visual depiction of the Decision Support System - it is pulled
down from the overhead in the vicinity of the loading and stability centre

   25 -Chart gives information for each 2-compartment damage case

Closer views of WT doors, and stability curves for the 2-compartment damage cases

27 -Damage Control Plan - WT doors, stability curve for a 2-compartment damage case   28 -Decision Support System developed with the assistance of the master and chief engineer

And in Sweden - visit to SSPA - dinner with John and GTT staff

   33 Found a place to eat in Götebörg

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