Great Blue Herons -- and other furry and feathery friends

These first shots were taken right here, along the Potomac

    - 29.jpg
    - 22.jpg
   These were early morning shots - near their willow tree - 16.jpg
   Fe caught this Great Blue in flight - 21-fe.jpg
    - 22-fe.jpg
   Closeup in flight - 30.jpg
    - 18.jpg

But, just go fishing on Florida's East coast, and the Great Blues and Egrets will join you in the boat; they have learned that your bait tank is a source of fish

   After docking, and during clean up the Great Blue flew onboard - 33-21.jpg
   Great Blue was but 3 meters from me - 37-21.jpg
   Another shot of the Great Blue standing on the bait tank - 36-21.jpg
   The egret flew onboard - bait tank in forground - as we headed into the dock - note the wake - 32-21.jpg
   VERY closeup of the egret - also standing on the bait tank - 30-21.jpg

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