Photographs (of Various Subjects) that I Like

These first shots were taken at Great Falls in Fall 2006

   a lucky shot - looking upstream - that caught Fall this year’s colors to produce a spectacular scene, October - 46-23.jpg
   October 2006 - 46-24.jpg
   closest shot using telephoto lens to capture rapids-falls - 46-36.jpg

On a walk in Izu, Japan in October 2004

   Fishing nets are visible in this view out to the Sea of Japan - viewe.jpg

These were taken around Washington's monuments and memorials

   Korean War Memorial, near Lincoln Memorial, October - 46-4.jpg
   Shot showing the reflection of visitors as well as the etched images on the wall of the Korean Memorial - 46-5.jpg
   George Mason, with books and walking stick, near Jefferson Memorial, Spring 2004 - 1-34.jpg

Further south is Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

   Mr. Jefferson’s home in Charlottesville, February 2005 - 15-8a.jpg

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