Professor Kijima of Kyushu University and Oshima Staff
   Visit the Coast Guard, January 23, 2004

Revised: January 26, 2004 (added large JPEG link files using Javascript)
   January 24, 2004 (completed)
   (Original posting: January 23, 2004)


We all watch as Prof. Kijima draws a map of Japan on the white-board

Watching Prof. Kijima draw a map of Japan    Showing us the yard and Kyushu University


   Prof Kijima shows location of Oshima shipyard and his university


Prof. Katsuro Kijima and Paul meet after 17 years .......

Paul and Katsuro    Alex and Katsuro


   Paul, Alex and Katsuro


Please note you may obtain larger versions of the photos by clicking on each image. The JPEGs (each of about 1200 by 600 pixels) were saved from a 300 dpi Adobe Photoshop file.